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Xmlvalidatingreader xmldocument

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As a result, Microsoft included the SAX APIs in MSXML 3.0 to provide an event-driven programming model for XML documents.

Message) Catch e As Xml Exception Log Message(p File Name & ".xml",e.

Close() Catch e As IOException ' Catch initial io errors Log Message(p File Name, e. Line Position) End Try End Sub reads through each line of the text file (which in this case is a fixed-format file) and parses its contents into four variables that include the student's ID, name, and organization.

This class implements the W3C Document Object Model (DOM) Level 1 Core and the Core DOM Level 2.

An existing is that the Read method not only returns each tag (begin and end elements, processing instructions, CDATA sections, comments, and document type definitions) but also whitespace. The event handler where errors will be reported is created using the Public Sub Write Xml(By Val p File Name As String) Dim fs As File Stream Dim s Reader As Stream Reader Dim str Line As String Dim str Student ID, str FName, str LName, str Org As String Dim tw As Xml Text Writer Try fs = New File Stream(p File Name, File Mode. Read) s Reader = New Stream Reader(fs) tw = New Xml Text Writer(p File Name & ".xml", _ New System.

By using a name table, the XML parser can reuse the strings in the table when returning element names and can use more efficient object pointer comparisons when doing comparisons. The arguments represent the namespace URI (as it is referred to in the document to be validated) and the URL of the schema to load.