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We are a dignified, professional matchmaking service that takes affairs of the heart as our very reason for being. We’ve set up a fun and relaxed matchmaking and dating environment in order to foster matches that will stand the test of time. We are nurturing, irrepressible and almost intuitive about a person’s character.

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Lorraine says, “What kind of niece calls her uncle so often? Outside of whatever church the couple are attending, he calls Michaela to tell her she needs to stop calling him. Charity looks like she is ready to get her dance on at the club although she is singing at Sunday morning worship service. Kevin notices, but that doesn’t stop him from glancing at Aaron during the church service.” He says, “I like to be there for her if she needs me.” She then admits that she knows what people are saying about Mac, but she doesn’t believe them. Michaela says her mother has gone schizo, and she needs a place to crash. Across town at Triumph, Basie Skanks listens to his headphones, dancing around and what not in his office before his Sunday morning service starts.

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He delivers the final blow when he says, “Lose my number.” Mac believes Grace got to the deputy mayor when Jacob was the one who threatened him.He is trying to get pumped as he wants to make a “withdrawal from the banks of Heaven” he tells Jacob, who catches him while he is dancing.Yes, he expects his flock to make up for the funds he lost in poker. In service, he tells them to admit they’re “in sin” and they need to “dig deep” and “sow a seed of faith.” Then he says, they got “skanktafied.” See what I mean?When Basie asks how he is going to get the money, he says he has the money as it was a wedding present from his parents. He says Basie is playing a dangerous game with Triumph’s church members.“If you mess with black people’s money, they will rise up and take it back.” Got that right! I’m so thankful that I was raised by an honest and upright, God-fearing pastor.She tells him he’s got to get out of this situation, but whatever he does, he better not go “crawling back to that mansion and that sneering a** mom of yours.” The “relationship” that Mac has with his girlfriend Lorraine is like a badly choreographed dance. Everything he does or says is to squelch her women’s intuition which is trying to tell her that this man is no man at all. The lies that some women tell themselves to keep a man is simply sad.