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In addition to signing Ariana Grande, Reebok continues to bolster its roster of celebrity endorsers by linking up with rapper Gucci Mane.

Who is nick from backstreet boys dating

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"What you'll definitely will be able to expect is going back to that nice Backsteet Boy harmonies, something that we kind of stepped away on our past few albums.Now that we're back as all five, since Kevin has rejoined, we want to take you guys back to that signature Backstreet Boys sound." Nick continued, "We're open to whoever wants to embrace the Backstreet Boys.Before the internet and social media, seeing our favorite band in concert was the closest we’d ever get to them and if there was a MTV: True Life or Making the Video, it was a friggin jackpot. There’s a scene in the first episode where Lauren pushes Nick to set an actual date for the wedding, and threatens him by playfully wrestling with him on their bed. Lauren has a heart to heart with her best friend named Natalia, who, as Lauren says, she met when their boyfriends were on tour together years ago, and they became BFFs.While celebrities having their own reality series seems cliche these days, for 90s kids like me, it’s surreal that we get an inside look into Nick Carter’s life. But Natalia’s unnamed boyfriend broke up with her after five years and it ended horribly.

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Nick Carter was a member of that initial trio before they went on to add more members.

We love collaborations, we want to just experiment and try things.

I'm sure you can expect a lot more interesting things as far as collaborations go on the next record." We can't wait!

Like you’re telling me we get to see his HOUSE and it’s not just on CRIBS?? And, I can say that even as a fan, I learned a thing or two from the show, so maybe you will too. He even took all the money out of their joint account, and that’s exactly what Lauren is afraid will happen to her.

Here are some things to look out for on the premiere tonight: Even as a tween/teen, I was never the kind of girl who would be so mad to the point of pure hatred if one of the BSB boys had a girlfriend. After some research, it seems as if Natalia is the ex-girlfriend of newly married (always shirtless) New Kids on the Block bad boy Donnie Wahlberg.