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This means that during this session, the user can turn on the webcam and be seen by the model.

While validating that device serial0 was really a serial port

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2012-09-21 Eric Blake docs: fix typo in filesystem docs Noticed this by reading the page.

It would be so much nicer if our tools could automatically flag things like this as part of 'make'.

Add, delete, and modify are all supported for portgroup.

When deleting a portgroup, only the name must be specified in the provided xml - all other attributes and subelements are ignored for the purposes of matching and existing portgroup.

It is important to note that guests make a copy of the appropriate network's portgroup data when they are started, so although an updated portgroup's configuration will have an affect on new guests started after the cahange, existing guests won't magically have their bandwidth changed, for example.

Use 'set -e' to ensure immediately exists on error.

The result was that an invalid command code would do nothing, but also report success.

Since the command code isn't used until the very lowest level backend functions, that's where I put the check.

If update of the persistent config failed, we would leave with things in an inconsistent state - the live state would be updated (even though an error was returned), but persistent config unchanged.

This patch changed vir Network Obj Update to use a separate pointer for each copy of the vir Network Def, and not commit either of them in the vir Network Obj until both live and config parts of the update have successfully completed.