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Users will be able to set up a backup email in case they forget the passcode.

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In terms of security, it's important to distinguish pure secure messaging apps from apps that happen to have some security, for instance the hugely popular Whats App and Snap Chat.

The applications have been a cottage industry for desktop computers for years, usually for secure email or instant messaging, but the arrival of mobile platforms has given them the sort of kick that is leading many to dream of reaching the mainstream.

The software used to be seen as the preserve of the technical users with a paranoid bent or political dissidents, but ayears.

This means the keys used to scramble communication can’t be captured through a server and no single key gives access to past messages.

It was presumably this sort of innovation that so upset British Prime Minister David Cameron when in early 2015 he started making thinly-veiled references to the difficulty security services were having in getting round the message encryption being used by intelligence targets.