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Her loans weren't the only things that appreciated while the show taped in Vegas."The less glamorous thing I took away is how much I now value privacy," says Marter, 26, who returned to her home state last year and works in Philadelphia in marketing. To have to be in an atmosphere where you were forced to broadcast each issue, big or small, seemed foreign to me and it wasn't something I wanted to continue."But, as we know today, not every reality star agrees.Fifteen years after eating beetles and rats on a remote Malaysian island for national television, Cinnaminson resident Gervase Peterson looks back fondly on the original "Survivor" in 2000."Honestly, it changed (my life) totally," says Peterson, who co-owns Burnz Cigar Vault & Lounge in Lawnside and does some acting.

There is a constant need to exploit yourself while also defending yourself and your image."To be frank, it's exhausting and unappealing to me.

Lots of new opportunities are coming my way because of it."Being on TV, and coached by Maroon 5 singer and "Voice" judge Adam Levine, has opened up more opportunities than her bedroom webcam ever could, she says."People have reached out to me after watching me on 'The Voice' that I don't think would have taken me seriously when I was just solely making You Tube covers," says Grimmie, 21, who has a large presence on social media to promote new music and contests.

"Being on 'The Voice' stage week after week showed people that I can withstand pressure, keep myself in shape vocally, and constantly reinvent myself."It's not as life changing for others.

The success of "Survivor," "Real World" and "Big Brother" created a new paradigm, followed by countless reality series and an even larger number of Joe Nobodies looking to star in them. I got fans from Finland and Sweden because it was shown all over the world. I'm just a knucklehead from South Jersey."But Grimmie is riding another level of fame after finishing in the top three of last fall's NBC singing competition "The Voice.""The amount of exposure I got from a show like 'The Voice' is unreal," Grimmie says by email.

It's hard not to not let the attention go to your head; Peterson recalls being invited to Beverly Hills parties with the VIP likes of Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and Hugh Hefner."And Gervase," he recalls. "So many people, even if they don't know me entirely, have heard my name before and know I've been on that show.