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This kind of rigor goes into a lot of my decisionmaking.

Validating identitiy

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longum species were created using standard Illumina library prep and sequenced on an Illumina Mi Seq by the UC Davis Genome Center DNA Technologies core, using 150 bp single read settings. The versions described in this paper are versions LKSU01000000 and LKSV01000000.

As no human or animal subjects were involved in this research, no ethical approval (e.g., Institutional Review Board) was sought. is supported by an NIH Ruth Kirschstein National Research Service Award, F32AT008533.

Glycerol stocks of each isolate were streaked on MRS plates and incubated at 37°C for 48 h in anaerobic chamber.Recently developed DNA-based methods were used as a primary means of identification, and were confirmed using culture-based techniques. The absence of any detectable bifidobacterial amplicon in some samples was concerning, however, the possibility remains that there may have been PCR inhibitors in the sample which resulted in a false negative. While not addressed in our study, the issues of strain viability upon dosing and potential contamination by adventitous microorganisms (and even pathogens) are also concerns for those planning clinical trials. DNA from the various bifidobacteria was then combined in different ratios, as noted, to construct 20 mock community DNA pools.We found that the contents of many bifidobacterial probiotic products differ from the ingredient list, sometimes at a subspecies level. In conclusion, the state of species and subspecies quality control for many bifidobacteria-containing probiotic products remains inconsistent. Despite the generally recognized as safe status of probiotic supplements, the strain identity issues discussed here must be taken into account when planning and conducting clinical trials to ensure the proper interpretation the data generated. infantis is needed to discriminate between these microorganisms with significantly different metabolic capacities that impact colonization behavior as well as host health outcomes (20,22). The final volume of DNA was adjusted to 15 μl and diluted to a final concentration of 20 ng/μl.lactis, especially in the presence of human milk (26). The resulting pure strains were grown in MRS broth supplemented with 0.05% L-cysteine and stored at −80 °C in 50% glycerol. However it is unclear if such subtle footnoted-label changes, in lieu of actual relabeling, will be fully understood and recognized by clinicians and consumers.Since bifidobacteria dominate the feces of healthy breast-fed infants, they are often included in infant-targeted probiotics. However further investigation of the probiotic 6 label revealed a footnote indicating that the manufacturers reclassified both their B. In addition, while our terminal restriction fragment database is extensive, it does not contain every known bifidobacterial strain. bifidum DSM20456) were grown in de Man Rogosa Sharpe (MRS) broth supplemented with 500 mg/l of L-cysteine-HCL, and DNA extraction was performed using the Epicentre Master Pure Gram Positive DNA Purification kit (Epicentre, Madison WI).