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Find out more Spread the Word about WICA: Search Witchology: February is the month of love magic and ancient Pagan sex rituals, so why is it named after a Christian saint?Explore the following information to find out more about St Valentine's Day and its Pagan origins. As an estimated one billion cards* are exchanged this St Valentine's Day spare a thought for the ancient Pagan custom that the Catholic Church has tried to hide from you, for St Valentine's Day is the Eve of Lupercalia, the Pagan Roman festival of fertility.

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It is time we quit this Roman and Babylonian foolishness - this idolatry - and get back to the faith of Christ delivered once for all time.

In fact, the 14th of February was the day specially set aside for love lotteries in Pagan Rome.

A holiday devoted to Juno, Queen of the Gods, and patroness of marriage, the 14th was also the day on which young girls' names were written on slips of paper and thrown into jars to be picked out by the boys.

(Michael Teal, 26th December, 2004) Read more Send Feedback Recommended Books: "The Supernatural is the perfect introduction to the world of all things eerie, inexplicable and otherworldly." - Jason Karl, Most Haunted "Witchcraft out of the Shadows: A Complete History is an engaging book which deserves to be the benchmark for all future analyses of the Craft." More "Dr Ruickbie has re-evaluated the Faust tradition from a position of authority.

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