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I was dating on a semi regular basis and one day after giving myself an enema I decided to see if I could find a lady that enjoyed enemas too. In my early years, from aged 17 or so I got really involved with a very nice young girl who at the time was only 15 and after a few weeks of very heavy petting for both of us ie; fingering, sucking & licking each other etc etc, I reached around her and rubbed her puckered and...

I was the youngest and the last to leave home so I soon became her primary target. I got out my favorite bag, an antique brownish orange open top bag that I had picked up several years ago on ebay. I have loved enemas all my life - I started when I was young - I found my dad's stash of **** mags and videos - at first I was intrigued then I decided to try what was going on in the videos - since my dad was at work all day this left me alone with bananas and ice cubes and boy... I still remember the red hose and black nozzle attached to it. So, I am a bi crossdresser and got into giving myself enemas a few years ago.

The mother said she had just given her son an enema, due to his being sick and having a high temperature. She said wasn't I familiar with an enema, and I lied and said no. hi im amy and i love to be treated like a nasty cheap girl that i am.

aswell as many other things i love enemas it started of many years ago with water in a bulb and that felt so good. i often use the shower hose and let it force itself into...

A long time ago, and far, far, away.....there was this 13 years old teen being watched over by his 23 year old aunt while mom and dad were away on a cruise from Puerto Rico (where we were stationed at an Air Force base).

Ever since I was a small child, I had constipation problems. I love to feel them working while I am writing this.