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We will look at the advantages of using cloud storage for your excel files.

For more information on how to import Excel files into Power BI, see Get data from Excel workbook files.

Therefore, the data refresh operation can affect the performance of other tasks on your computer.

However, if you schedule automatic refresh of data in a workbook that is saved to a Share Point site, the instance of Analysis Services that is hosted within the Share Point site manages the import process and its timing.

Power Pivot for Excel does not track which rows were added previously. This means that once you begin updating data, the entire update must either fail or succeed; you will never have data that is partly correct.

Manual data refresh, which you initiate from the Power Pivot window, is handled by the local in-memory instance of Analysis Services.

Connecting to One Drive for Business in Power BI is typically seamless because the same account you use to sign into Power BI with is often the same account used to sign into One Drive for Business.

But, with personal One Drive, you likely sign in with a different Microsoft account.

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You can refresh on the dataset in the Power BI service.

When you setup a refresh schedule this way, the only difference is refreshed data goes into the workbook’s data model on One Drive, or Share Point Online, rather than a dataset in Power BI.

When you use Power Query (Get & Transform data in Excel 2016) to connect to a data source, you have several options where to load the data.

To make sure you load data into the data model, you must select the Add this data to the Data Model option in the Load To dialog box. Or, If you click Edit in Navigator, you’ll open the Query Editor. Then in Load To, make sure you select Add this data to the Data Model. Whenever you use Power Pivot to connect to and query data from an on-premises or online data source, the data is automatically loaded to the data model.

When you setup a refresh schedule, Power BI will connect directly to the data sources using connection information and credentials in the dataset to query for updated data, then load the updated data into the dataset.