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With that awkward introduction/explanation out of the way, I would like to talk about my experience with dating as a woman → subcategory: transwoman.

I started transitioning from male to female in January of 2011, a couple of months after I turned 29.

In the gender binary dating system, my choices get boiled down to a radio button that claims either “male” or “female.” That works fine for government documents but doesn’t tell the whole story when it comes to my body.

Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t enjoy feeling like a peripheral, marginalized part of society on the outskirts of society, and I’m definitely conflicted when it comes to .

I felt that answers to such questions would likely overload my tiny, delicate female-sans-vagina brain.

Not long after that, I changed the placement of where I revealed my transwoman status on my profile to the end.

Even if given the choice to put something other than those two, I’d probably stick with “female” because I would want to avoid judgment.

I suspect that one day, evolution will find a predator willing to thin the herd of these alpha douches, but I doubt such an evolutionary leap will happen in my lifetime.

I’d like to throw in a disclaimer here that I am by no means a man-hating She-Ra.

I’m specifically against the irritating assholes who drive women towards lesbian relationships with their intense awfulness.

Even my driver’s license says “female” and those things don’t lie about anything except my weight.

Unfortunately, I feel the need to attach an asterisk to the “woman” label from time to time as the situation demands.