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England had cold, heavy rains throughout June, becoming even worse in early to mid July.

Only in August did the ten weeks of rain finally come to a halt and a period of warm weather followed.

We know less about the weather in Central Europe, but some rivers in Germany flooded in mid June, so in some places the dry period in May had come to an end, but elsewhere it appears the drought continued until July.

Of course, people were much more dependent on the weather than they are nowadays.

The next day, Saturday, the rise accelerated and soon the water entered cities, flooding streets and buildings. The rising river quickly overcame the defences, and flooded the town to 500 meters outside its bed.

Transport was easy: you were well connected to other cities on (navigable) water ways, and trade was a reliable way to wealth.

1342: The weather report The winter of 1342, in the early phases of the Little Ice Age, had been cold and changeable. Eastern Europe had a cold winter, with much snow, and hard frosts in December and January; this was followed by very warm weather in late January which melted the masses of snow and ice. In Western Europe, the hard frost only came in mid February, lasting until mid March.

Within hours the part of the city facing the river was under water. The peak level is not as well known as in Frankfurt, but is estimated at 10.3 meter above normal. But there were few reports of problems further upstream or downstream on the Danube.

The beautiful stone bridge collapsed, as did all other bridges and mills. The river Weser flooded, with cities such as Kassel and Hannover in deep trouble. France seems to have avoided the floods, apart from Avignon, on the Rhone, where there were reports of local heavy rains.