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Inside View can overwrite existing any or all lead data fields through enrichment, should your organization choose to use our enriched data as your standard. For more information on Inside View accuracy benchmarks and data management methodologies, please visit The Current Employment Statistics (CES) program currently uses the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 2012.NAICS classifies each establishment into a detailed industry based on the production processes it uses.

There are 20 broad sectors in NAICS, compared to only 10 divisions in SIC.Thus, establishments previously considered to be engaged in wholesale trade, such as the sale of used auto parts or office furniture could be considered retail trade if they are open to the public.Auxiliary establishments, which provide services such as warehousing, personnel, or data processing to other organizations within the same company, are classified in the same industry as their parent companies under the SIC.Inside View enriches leads as soon as they enter your CRM or marketing automation application.Given as little as a company name or email domain, Inside View will enrich those leads with company data and contact information, and then append a lead record with all relevant fields available in the Inside View database—allowing your organization to properly route and score the lead.Information regarding the most recent annual review can be found at gov/web/empsit/