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Scientists have yet to reach an agreement on the exact cause of the occurrence since it was first observed in the 1920s.A naturally occurring phenomenon called 'crown shyness' is responsible for the stunning visual effect, which look like winding rivers when viewed from below Crown shyness, in which the crowns of fully grown trees do not touch each other, is only visible in certain species of trees.And I asked them a simple question: “What are your best tips for overcoming shyness around women?”If you struggle with shyness, the advice they share may just change your life: I’ve personally struggled with social anxiety (especially around beautiful women) most of my life.They also use blue light from the opposite end of the spectrum to avoid growing toward shade.A combination of these factors could allow the trees to detect their neighbours and direct their growth away from them. It might seem obvious, but overcoming shyness around women is critical to your dating success.Recently, I reached out to some of the most respected men’s lifestyle and relationship experts.

A naturally occurring phenomenon, called 'crown shyness', is responsible for the stunning visual effect, which looks like winding rivers when viewed from below.Linking together, the ants can move their living bridge from its original point, allowing them to cross gaps and create shortcuts across rainforests in Central and South America Researchers hope that understanding the utilities of army ants will help them develop swarm robotics, for exploration and rescue operations by applying similar behaviours.While moving to shorter distances would benefit the ants, the researchers found that the ants balanced this with the cost of labour, and staying put could allow workers to perform other tasks.If you go into every encounter with a beautiful woman hoping you’re going to be James Bond so much that she falls instantly in love with you, you’re going to be disappointed every – single – time.Instead, decide to talk to this woman and go in with no expectations, meaning if you politely end the conversation, or she does, there’s nothing lost. The success was simply having the courage to say hello and strike up a conversation.This forms a canopy with channels running through it, which light can shine through to create the illusion of waterways.