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German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other party leaders vowed on Friday to push on with thorny coalition talks and refrain from personal insults, despite deep differences on hot-button issues from immigration to climate change.

Thanks to Brexit, metropolises in Germany now have the greatest potential for development in all of Europe, according to a new study.

“And there are so many other issues like trans-rights and all other kinds of things that are not okay here and that we need to keep on fighting for.” Speaking after the bill passed, Merkel — who had until Monday opposed the holding of a free vote on the issue — said she had voted no, but that it had been important to put it to a vote of conscience.

Klaubert said she was unimpressed by the way the Chancellor handled the issue.

Once Germany’s Senate approves the bill next week, as expected, homosexual couples in Germany will have the same rights as heterosexual couples to marry and jointly adopt children — barring any legal challenge.

“It is a very important moment for Germany and for the queer people in Germany, because we fought really long for equality in our rights and now it is time,” project manager Andreas Reschke told CNN.

Condor employees were "clearly informed about the disapproval and legal consequences by the company" by means of an official letter which was circulated amongst everyone, the airline said.

The pilots knew very well about the explosive nature of their actions, reported Focus.

Some popped champagne corks in celebration despite the early hour.

Asked if he had any marriage plans, Reschke laughed and looked at his partner as he responded.

“Yeah, maybe.” Nico, a 20-year-old student who preferred to give only his first name, said he had traveled with his partner from Dresden, 120 miles away, to be part of the landmark moment and that he was now “so happy.” “We woke up very early and we knew it was raining in Berlin, but we thought it is so important we have to come here,” he said. I think (Merkel) said it on Monday and today is Friday and we have a new law.” The change means his dream of marriage is now possible, he said, as is his hope of one day adopting children.

More than half of German men would be willing to have sex with a robot, according to a survey of sexual tastes.

Almost 52 per cent of German men and 22 per cent of women would try out a “sexbot” furnished with artificial intelligence and complex mechanical skills, if the test were confidential and free, the research found.