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On a spiritual level, empaths serve a purpose to help others heal.

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Cameron believes these actions make it illegal to be on the streets.Business and tourist interests are trying to "revitalize" downtown and often blame much of the area’s problems on homeless people.In March of 2004, the Albuquerque Police Department’s Westside Area Command Captain, Conrad Candelaria, said he was working to implement a plan called the 111 Coors POP (Problem Oriented Policing) Plan in which several officers would heavily patrol areas in the West Side for three days in late March.The officers would not necessarily arrest the homeless persons they found, but would try to refer them to service providers.

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We need to make sure [the homeless] get the help they need." However, he also stated the West Side was, "left out of the picture," when Albuquerque passed its law targeting aggressive panhandling in Nob Hill and Downtown, so the "problem" was "transferred" to the West Side.Vincent’s lawyer, Keith Harris, would only say the suit was in pretrial hearings, and neither Vincent nor his wife responded to the Trentonian’s calls.An ordinance called "Safety in Public Places" passed in January of 2004.One woman had no problem with homeless people as long as they "behave in a proper and decent manner." The police have the capacity to cite people for public urination, littering, and breaking the park’s midnight curfew.Some residents are concerned that homeless persons cannot be arrested simply for being in the park.There is a growing culture of fear amongst homeless people in the community, which causes them to avoid public spaces because of susceptibility of being harassed and targeted by law enforcement.