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For example, when tallying the energy required to build a solar photovoltaic panel, what should be included in the accounting?
The clinic is open to all South Carolina residents in need of dental care.

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Based on the Aware bundle for Laravel 3 by Colby Rabideau.

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We require an environmental etiquette more than a formal ethic; an etiquette whose development must be an ongoing process; and a process in turn that is genuinely multicentric, challenging us to negotiate our place among the exuberant variety of living and other forms.

“Over the last two decades Anthony Weston’s work has made a singular contribution to environmental philosophy.

As an added bonus, you controllers (or route handlers) get prematurely fat, and your code becomes messy, ugly and difficult to understand.

What if someone else did all the heavy-lifting for you? Ardent - the magic-dust-powered, wrist-friendly, one-stop solution to all your dreary input sanitization boilerplates!

Collected essays present Weston’s pragmatic environmental philosophy, calling for reconstruction and imagination rather than deconstruction and analysis.

This collection of germinal work in the field by Anthony Weston presents his pragmatic environmental philosophy, calling for reconstruction and imagination rather than deconstruction and analysis.

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From the Laravel Documentation: , otherwise it will use the static rules provided by your model.Once you get used to this way of doing things, you'll honestly wonder how you ever coped without Ardent. your plain-vanilla Eloquent models with Ardent descendants.If a model object doesn't rely upon user submitted content and therefore doesn't require validation - you may leave the Eloquent model class as it is.The changelog is made there :) Add is your best bet).If you're want to use Ardent as a standalone ORM package you're invited to do so by using the following configuration in your project's boot/startup file (changing the properties according to your database, obviously): Implementing this yourself often results in a lot of repeated boilerplate code.For example, user registration or blog post submission is a common coding requirement that you might want to implement in one application and reuse again in other applications.