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lid=8895c0 After you do this they will email me saying that your all good and then I’ll give you my cell.They only give one free invitation per month and I’m giving it to you so please don’t waste it otherwise I have to pay.

For me now is a good time I really desire some attention and I have more free time than normal today and for the next three days! The only thing I would prefer to find out before we hook up is that you aren’t on some predator list or anything. Ooh I’m already starting to feel butterflies : )) Ok just waiting for their email talk to you soon!

If you don’t mind can we not get into asking a million questions and exchanging a bunch of emails I’ll just say I’m a regular girl, not bad looking at all in my 20’s and in good shape, with heavy passionate cravings right this very moment and we don’t have to get all personal or anything I’m not looking for a relationship for now, basically a FWB who I can feel confident with, ok? “Cool so it seems like you do feel I’m pretty enough lol.

I’m giving you a pic if you want me then write me back and let’s make plans to meet up for tea or whatever, and when that goes well then I’ll take you back to my place ok?? You know how women are usually a little unselfconfident about it.:) Anyhow I’m jazzed you wrote back because you’re interesting and also I remember now why I don’t go to cl often, I’m not kidding way too many psychos are there lol.

They only give one free invitation each month and I’m giving it to you so please don’t waste it otherwise I have to pay. :*”“Cool so it looks like you do think I’m hot enough lol.

You know how we’re normally fairly fearful if a man will like us or not.:) Anyway I’m happy you wrote me back because you’re interesting and also I’ve been reminded why I don’t use cl often, seriously way too many freaks there lol.