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Their divorce came two years later on October 23, 2011..still no new album from Milian. Years after her 'Lizzie Mc Guire' days, we were happy to see 23-year-old good girl Hilary Duff find young love with Canadian hockey player Mike Comrie.

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At first, I wondered why on earth Drudge Report was interested in a year old column by a singer.

Then it hit me; she’s going to the White House, isn’t she?

Most preferred that I keep it confidential and hide it."I was being asked to lead a lifestyle that was absolutely wrong, simply for the fact that some people didn't like that I dated somebody of a different race," Chapman told the paper. Last week, Chapman suggested that race might have influenced the voting for the NBA's MVP award.

It was won by Suns guard Steve Nash, who is white; he narrowly beat Miami star Shaquille O'Neal, who is black.

My position is that for women of color, this very common ‘wince’ has solely to do with the African story in America.” Even in the Big Hollywood article about Scott (the one written with the ready-to-incite headline of “Like Rapper Common, White House Guest Jill Scott ‘Winces’ at Interracial Relationships”), the writer admits that Scott’s column is “artful” and that “she firmly stated that she was not raised to view people by the color of their skin.” However, he then instantly jumps back to the cop-out hypothetical of “WHAT IF A WHITE PERSON SAID IT???

” “Her justification for these feeling were artful and she firmly stated that she was not raised to view people by the color of their skin.

"A white guy dating black women off the court was just unheard of. But I don't think Rex was really too concerned with how people viewed him.

He did what he felt comfortable doing."Walker, the school's second all-time leading scorer, said he was never pressured by school officials on whom to date."It was somewhat acceptable for a black player to date a white woman if he was a basketball player," Walker said.

A short while ago, Drudge Report tweeted out this quote: “When my friend told me his wife was Caucasian, I felt my spirit wince.” Intrigued, I clicked the accompanying link to find a column the singer Jill Scott wrote for about her feelings on interracial dating posted in March of 2010.

Kenny Walker, who is black and played at Kentucky just before Chapman arrived, said he had no doubt Chapman was telling the truth."I'm amazed that people are like, 'Oh, man, did this actually happen?

'" Walker told The Associated Press on Monday in a telephone interview.

"For some reason, if that player was white and dated a black woman, he had to deal with a different type of pressure, a different type of discrimination."Chapman said his best friends at Kentucky -- Ed Davender and fellow teammate James Blackmon, both of whom are black -- were also discouraged from interracial dating."They liked the players enough to cheer for them at games, but they didn't like the players enough to let them date their daughters," Chapman told the Courier-Journal.

Neither Davender nor Blackmon said they could recall any such incident.