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Certain Steam web features might also not function if your web traffic is being aggressively monitored by a anti-spyware or other web security applications Certain firewalls and firewall configurations may prevent Steam from talking to its servers.It may be necessary to add exceptions in your firewalls for Steam if you discover that this is the cause.Outdated antivirus programs may overlook new malware threats. Thus, updating database gives security product new signature files to identify recent threats.

These might not even appear in the Windows task bar, but may still be among some of your active processes using your system's resources.Issues related to any of these types of programs may be resolved by exiting and/or disabling the program and then exiting and restarting Steam.For certain applications, a system reboot may be required after you have shut down or disabled them.It is not recommended to have file sharing applications active while you are using Steam.As with P2P programs, these programs are generally very bandwidth-intensive and have the potential generate issues with Steam.The main reason is to avoid downloads of any security programs needed to disinfect the system.