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Usually it is rubber stamped on to the Tube Chart if it is a tube amp or on the QA Sticker if it is a solid-state amp.

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This of course is a simplification, so please read the ENTIRE article along with cited references for a better understanding so as to make a more educated decision of whether a true high dwell time UV Sterilizer is for you or maybe just a Clarifier or nothing at all!A Little Background: I started using UV Sterilizers in 1977 (I have been in the hobby since 1968), and started experimenting with these devices in 1978.The longer the substance is exposed to UVC light, the greater the chance that all molecular bonds will have been hit by several high energy photons, causing the molecular bond, from simple weak chemical bonds to stronger ones in simple celled DNA material to be broken, rendering the pathogen/organism inert or dead.Hence the reason sunlight causes skin cancer, and sunblock/sunglasses block light of wavelengths shorter than UVA to protect your eyes and skin, UVA tans well, UVC mostly causes damage, burns, and cancer.

However, the longer wave UVA and UVB can cause molecules to vibrate and rotate resulting in heating up.

The implications demonstrate a true UV Sterilizer's ability to lower oxidative stress on fish and other inhabitants (including plants & corals) and work to provide a better Redox balance as well as known disease prevention & clarification abilities.

The second picture demonstrates clarification with a before and after picture of an aquarium with green water; As well as a comparison between a green pond without UV Sterilization and one of our client's ponds with a UV Sterilizer/Clarifier The picture below further pictorially displays how a TRUE UV Sterilizer can help not only with clarification of an aquarium/pond with an assumed healthy bio filter (which should be but a minor reason to own a TRUE UV Sterilizer).

This is the thrust of this article, as while it is certainly a good tool for green/cloudy water especially in ponds (assuming the bio filter is healthy), it is this Sterilization/Redox Balance aspect that years of hands on use in 1000s of applications has made the difference.

Further Reading: Aquarium Disease Prevention Please click to enlarge for a better view.