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The first season had five special episodes, with some airing after select episodes.

Pisces dating leo

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When the bubble bursts there would be much wounds on both the sides.Though they would not admit that the end of the road is near, it would be imminent.The Leo female and the Pisces male make good friends in life. They get closer together with time as good friends for life.The Leo girl gives confidence and security for her pal. This would be a compatible combination for marriage if the duo get to the practical side of life, particularly the Pisces guy.

They love the attention being in the spotlight gives them.

The Pisces man on the other hand is an introvert and has a small circle around him and hence it would be difficult for him to get along with the Leo girl.

But then their mutual romance and passion for one another keeps the relationship kicking and very much alive.

The Leo girl would finally come to live in the real world.

The Leo Man Pisces Woman combination of personality traits in a relationship is a recipe for a romantic mismatch.