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She made the announcement Friday just as the International Tennis Federation was about to release its list of players for next month's Olympics.

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I think it would do so well here.” She excitedly relates the film’s box-office figures, beaming as she informs us that it had the highest per-screen average in the US on its opening weekend.We break off to order lunch: despite her earlier meatball reverie, she’s landed upon a lighter crab and avocado salad. I get a lot of billings.” One of those lower billings – and a wittily claimed source of dashed leading-lady dreams for the actress – came in Martin Scorsese’s Grand Guignol psychological thriller “Shutter Island,” in which Clarkson has a single, but crucial, scene as a wild-eyed (possible) truthteller to Leonardo Di Caprio’s bewildered, on-the-run US Marshal.I actually saw her last night at the premiere party and she was giving me a hard time about my i Pad.I took it out to check something and she was all, ‘Patti, did someone send you a telegram?(Clarkson is more excited by other things on the menu: later, one eye on the menu, she interrupts her own sentence with the jubilant cry, “Meatballs! ”) “This place is ,” she says—that adjective’s first of many appearances in our two-hour conversation—settling into our banquette with a tidy collapse of a sigh.Patricia Clarkson, she does not mind admitting, is exhausted, and not just from her week of jury duty at the London Film Festival, where she presided over the panel that, we’d learn the next day, selected Russia’s “How I Ended This Summer” as best in show.Senior writers Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese will serve as showrunners for the first time in Season 5.

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The show stars Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and Michael Kelly.

“The film’s not an arty challenge at all, it’s incredibly simple,” she says, as we invoke comparisons ranging from “Lost in Translation” to “Brief Encounter.” “ think Ruba has succeeded in making a mainstream commercial film – well, a hybrid, in a way.

It’s a story that does cross over, and IFC realised that.

(All she tells us is that she’s “very happy” with the “wonderful” winner they’ve chosen, though she successfully deflects our speculation as to what it might be. ” she shrugs, when Tim brings it up.) Rather, her fatigue stems from a year of unusual visibility for the beloved character actress – who, since her high-profile debut in Brian De Palma’s “The Untouchables” 23 years ago, has trod a careful course between indie and studio projects, from “High Art” to “The Green Mile” to “Far From Heaven” to her Oscar-nominated turn in “Pieces of April.” 2010 maintained that balance, with eye-catching support in two very different mainstream hits, “Shutter Island” and “Easy A,” bookending a rarer lead turn in the kind of off-kilter indie project with which she is mostly associated, Ruba Nadda’s delicate not-quite-romance “Cairo Time.” Playing Juliette, a married magazine editor left to her own devices in the titular city while awaiting a postponed rendezvous with her husband, Clarkson offers one of the year’s quietest great performances, a finely-etched study of fleeting personal insecurity and loneliness deserving of more plaudits than it will likely receive by the awards season’s end.

She’s plainly proud of the film, given a summer release Stateside by IFC, and dismayed by its failure to find a UK distributor thus far.