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Today, the most often-cited meeting place for singles (21%) is online, according to a survey published in last year.

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That's where I met the formidable Sister Doctor Martin Joseph, a Yorkshire-born vascular surgeon who had spent almost 30 years working in PNG.She had just been appointed to run the local hospital, then collapsing under the burden of what would soon be identified as the worst outbreak of drug-resistant tuberculosis in the world.A couple of years ago I was on a reporting assignment on the island of Daru, Papua New Guinea.

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And Maria Franziska stayed, on and off, for around 14 years.

You just have to become good at making people feel at ease in your presence, which is a life skill rather than a photography skill.

Sometimes when it is impossible to get in close I will use a long lens.

In 1965, when the rest of the world was captivated by the Hollywood rendering of her family story, Maria was living in Budoya under a range of fecund mountains nothing like the ordered Alps.

It's difficult to imagine a life further removed from the one she left in pre-World War II Austria, or where the family had settled and built fame and fortune in the US.