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When putting on your stockings, pull the top-band up so it’s 1-2 finger widths below the crease of your knee.

(The stocking doesn’t have to be stretched out to be effective.) If there are wrinkles, smooth them out with the palms of your hands.

I believe no matter what, though, they all have to wear a watch and makeup.

Every female flight attendant I've ever met for every airline has had that restriction. Unless you go really high end, pantyhose is fairly cheap anyway. I've never known a woman who could get more than 2-3 uses out of a pair of pantyhose before they laddered or tore, and often one use only.

There is an Easy-Slide for open toe stockings and the Easy-Slide Caran for closed toe stockings.

If you have difficulty bending at the waist, consider using a stocking donner.

Pulling up on the handles, pulls the stocking up your leg.

I was going to send one pair of the hose to the manufacturer as a curiosity, but the label faded so I didn't know whose they were. They must have been either L'Eggs or Hanes, since I only buy pantyhose from the One Hanes Place discount catalog. (Nothing beats a great pair of L'Eggs, I tell you what.) I don't wear mine a lot, but I've had them for a reeeeeeally long time. I'd always get [email protected]#$ed at my sister when she'd borrow mine and put a hole in them with her god-awful long toenails. Silicone lotions are hypoallergenic and won't harm the fabric of your compression stockings.Alps Fitting Lotion is available in a 4oz squeeze bottle, and Compression Assist is available in a 2oz spray bottle.Knee high stockings typically roll for two reasons: they are too long, or stretched too tight at the top.If the top of your stocking is pulled up into the crease of your knee, the movement of your leg will cause it to roll.It's very easy to smooth out wrinkles and adjust the length by using the palms of the gloves.