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However, most tantric texts use sexual references as a kind of code for something else.

One of these centres was at the Mahamaya Temple on the banks of the sacred Bhargavi river at Hirapur, 15 km. It is one of only four examples of the roofless or "hypaethral" temple that is still standing in India. The others are at Khajuraho and at Bhedaghat near Jabalpur.) Mahamaya, the presiding deity of the Hirapur temple, is still regularly adorned with red cloth and vermilion.

Mahamaya or, Great Illusion, is also a name by which the Buddha's mother is known. The Hindi or Sanskrit name is also transliterated Heera.

This is familiar to us from Greek mythology where the name, Hera, is usually taken to mean widow, despite the fact that the queen of the Olympian gods was Zeus' lawful wife and mother to Heracles.

In the Chandi Purana attributed to Sudramuni Sharala Das ( 15th century) of Orissa, the term yogini is used to refer to any of the many forms and/or qualities of Devi, the Supreme Goddess whose devotees are called Shaktas.

Each yogini is also seen as a different part of Her body.

From the ninth through at least the thirteenth centuries, there was an active cult of dakinis (usually called yoginis in today's India.) At least nine yogini temples have been discovered so far.

The best known are the two in the state of Orissa, and the ones in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

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Yet even today, offerings are often left at the feet of the images.

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