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Several weeks and days prior to the expiration day the Courts had given I called them to ask what stage of the modification I was at.SLS stated my modification was with the underwriters and I really could not speak to any one there.I tried to modify the loan 3 times because it was impossible because the bank kept switching personnel and banks altogether.In 2014 I was sent a certified request to appear in court so I did, the representative of the bank was very surprised to see me there.

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very pissed about the matter, disagree is not even close Synopsis of what accrued with SLS and Bank of America I bought the House in January 2007 with an interest only mortgage with the intension of refinancing after the two years to a 30 year mortgage.Due to the financial crises I was not able to do so I hired an attorney to modify the loan because at this time the house was worth half of what purchased it for (5, 000).The attorney advised me to stop making payments on the mortgage because that would be the only way to get a loan modification.May 31, 2010 Our rental house is about to go into foreclosure. The whole process was part of a scam to string along the homeowners, as long as possible, so as to be able to mount up tremendous charges to the underlying mortgage holder, that sls was supposed to be servicing the loan for. At the beginning they pretended to be a legitimate company, with a special program designed to modify our mortgage interest from the 91 / 2% percent we were paying to a more reasonable rate, (In our case around 6%) , which we agreed to) .I am joining w action law suit against SLS Elsa Cuellar Property address: 12988 61 St N.