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---------------------------------------- Squid High Priest, Re: Introductions! back to pirate-y stuff here, the best rule is to just have fun! ---------------------------------------- Re: Introductions! Want to welcome ye all to the Midnight Ocean and hope to see each of ye on the seas one day! : D ---------------------------------------- I believe that stones can also smileshowing lovely teethunder the shadow of trees. I've just started posting and doing stuff with the Y! I am mostly am over on Cobalt, favorite of them all. Nice to meet ya all.-Cheers ---------------------------------------- Emerald - Re: Introductions! So, I play on Sage with the name Scragpot, and I'm currently an SO of Amaranthine Illusion. I have been playing the game for quite some time now, but I am only just getting started in the forums. ---------------------------------------- poseidon's outlaws Illuminatti on the Hunter ocean Re: Introductions! ^^ ---------------------------------------- LALALALAAAAAAAAAAA! Im up for some boomy fun every time of day :) Just gimme a tell ingame if ye see me :) ---------------------------------------- Paddy @ Opalor Bnavi for my english friends Re: Introductions! I've been playing for a few months now but I've just realised I haven't actually posted an introduction! I just realized that I haven't posted a introduction!If you're looking for a fun time, drop by Oyster Island in the Diamond Archipelago, there's usually some nuttiness going on in the Inn or on the docks or even around our legendary rubble! Me pirate name be Evilenad, or Frozen Gigantor, depending on which area I be at. Right now the formalities are over, I can introduce meself! though I can't hit 1 and shift at the same time so I might just use 1 from now on. Helooo people of this forum ,, Soo this section is to introduce yourself is it? I have been playing pp for nearly three years, but I have had different accounts only because I forgot my login. I started out playing on the Sage ocean and can usually be found there. ---------------------------------------- Wyrtigern. Hello, my name is Todd, just started playing, nice game ! If you have any questions feel free to ask, although I'm sure you don't. I have been lurking around for a couple of weeks, trying to figure things out. Hey im giganeoi currently sale in Hunter Ocean For the GREAT Crew Abundant Addictions Been Playing for while now..,.... DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT PLAY THIS GAMETHE HACK INTO YOUR PERSONAL I. ---------------------------------------- Runic Hawkana from the Hunter Ocean. So, here it is, my name is Kysha and I am the queen of the Bacio Italiano and captain of the Italian Kiss. ---------------------------------------- ~ Cap'n Kysha , Avatar by, Cattrin Re: Introductions!So here's a hearty "Welcome Aboard" ter all o' ye newcomers! well, it was because i was childish and english was not my native language, but now ive changed and yea... ya, Mergan from the viridian ocean ;) ---------------------------------------- Mergan on the viridian (yay, so many years playing and im a total failure ^^) Re: Introductions! I be Sage Hendrix.....returned from the future (2009), with my hearty Stegowolf. I've just started posting and doing stuff with the Y! SO of The Blackwolf Marauders, Some dude from the Victory Raiders Re: Introductions! Some of you might have heard of me on the malachite ocean but now I hang around the crimson ocean. I've been playing YPP since February this year and I've loved [almost] every minute of it. Hi everyone :)I'm Sideway, I used to play a while back on the Doubloon oceans... I'm playing on Cobalt now, dabbling with the economy through my distill on Prolix, as well as playing lots of poker :p I Hope to see you guys in game soon! I am not very social but would enjoy to hear from other (adult) Danes in this game, as I do not feel comfortable writing in English. One day I hope to resurrect my illustrious junior career but I know I have a long road ahead of me.I do hope we'll all see ye ravagin' the sea lanes fer many months t'come! i be two pirates in this here fine ocean, one named gloraelin, the other celebnur.i be a full-time lotr nut, so if ye have any questions, translation requests, and so forth and so on, look us up! I be Ensiwe, Captain of Rotal Dreagain, proud member (and Princess) of Nidiata Dei Draghi. Ahoy, everyone : DIm a newbie here, not so green anymore, maybe like a yellowish color : DIm Erinie in game, (from the goddesses of revenge)Im from Croatia, and im in LOVE in this game : D Re: Introductions! I'm Kareona from Beijing and I am crazy about pirates' stories. anyway I wish I can make friends with all of you~welcome to contact me~savvy? Hope to use this as a great decompression after freelance work during the day. Sage ---------------------------------------- Owner - Kat's Jungle Treasures Re: Introductions! I am a girl and my name is Pepper or Minty or Patty or Pepperminty or Peppermintpatty Chose one! Hello all, not really have I ever used these forums on the game, but I have decided to get into the whole game of it. =PMy name is The REDraider and most just called me red that know me. Have fun ---------------------------------------- "Some play the fiddles and some play the guitars, some beat on barrels and some dance on the bars, so turn over the tables and shut out the lights, cause we're all gonna party like pirates tonight!! On there, my name is hurricane and I am a member of the crew, elite essentials. 5 months later I thought it's time to hit the forums. I am also in need of a trade for 20, 000 pieces of eight and I at least want 10 doubloons at the most. My dislike is gunning (and carp), but I love rig, bilge and drink! ---------------------------------------- Cognoscente Re: Introductions! Hey there, My name is Paddy @ Opal, Bnavi @ Midnightand Bnavmen @ Viridian. You'll know when I'm in a bad mood =D Hope to see y'all around! Hey, I be Kysha and I have been playing for a almost a year now.

Come say 'Ahoy' if ye see me around; I ain't half so grumpy or long-winded in person as I am 'round here, no matter what me officers tell ye! I am absolutely not new but i never got interested in the forums, but i wanted to re-introduce myself, in the past i was kind of a troll at the forum... I am a girl and my name is Pepper or Minty or Patty or Pepperminty or Peppermintpatty Chose one! Feel free to drop me a PM or a /tell in game with a question, or if you just want to chat : D ---------------------------------------- Simmins. ---------------------------------------- Re: Introductions! Hi everyone :)I'm Sideway, I used to play a while back on the Doubloon oceans... I'm playing on Cobalt now, dabbling with the economy through my distill on Prolix, as well as playing lots of poker :p I Hope to see you guys in game soon! I am Dys, member of the best crew and owner of Pack (my rat) and I felt the need to introduce myself here. Former Rubix Cube Champion from South Africa, now full-time optimist.

I am found floating around in Emerald or my new home of Park island in Coral. All o' us in the ocean, we gladly'll help you, we were all new once. (Whitefire, Silverdawg, Gigza, Kuibbles, Shuranthae, Cioj, Jainasolo, Complicated... ) But if'n ye have a question I cannae answer, I'll be sure 'n find someone who can! Tis a mite crazy hereabouts, but its all good, aye? If you just want to practice your fighting or drinking, and not a lot of talk, seek out the non-player pirates with two white names (like Grimy York or Curious Beth) and challenge them instead. Purple looks great on my character with aqua and black!

I am a cesspool of nautical history and knowledge, plus I do halfway decent in YPP. Bosunpete Bosun of the Privateers ---------------------------------------- Bosun Pete SO, Infernal Infidels Last Captain, The Privateers Prince, Midnight Armada2nd & 6th Governor of Park'Remember incoming cannonballs have right of way.' Re: Introductions! They can be found standing around the island, especially in the Inn. So if you have an item that is purple and aqua or purple and black or aqua and black I will trade you 'cause I am in need of pretty clothes!

I can direct and explain any future or ongoign events. All it takes is a nice does of reality, and you'll be free! ---------------------------------------- Ninja-Admin of Tyrs Own. Ye will find me chasing the wenches and clashing blades on the docks. Mind you, I don't like to play less than seven games in a row, so be ready for a long lesson ^_^. I'm shockedfrog (Shockedfrog in-game, but I prefer the small s) and if you're interested in learning swordfighting, or already have previous experience through games such as Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo, Toki Toki Boom or even Super Bub, I can introduce you to some members of the 'swordfighting community'. You can find me on the docks usually fighting and laughing it up with me mates. And now, a tip: Get out and meet the pirates of Midnight Ocean! I am available to answer your questions, just send me a "/tell longjohngrey How do I ...". ---------------------------------------- Re: Market on Scurvy Reef: Re: Introductions! Ahoy mates, names Whiplash and I am the Captain of the Mad Mutineers. Ye can find me occasionally popping in and out of the forums, but I am on quite often in-game under the same alais. More often than not, I'll be hanging around Alpha Dock, and/or these forums. If you're looking for me, check to see if there's a drinking tournament going on. I'm usually somewhere on Turtle Island but I do hop around checking markets and such. I'm afraid, however, that I cannot usually accept challenges due to being at work. You might also notice scallywags sauntering about with peglegs or hooks instead of hands.

atte Smythe,who (almost) always leaves a tagline ---------------------------------------- Re: Introductions! ahoy im Redbonnet, I hang around just about anywhere im needed. ---------------------------------------- Redbonnet Captain of the Ypp Training Academy Re: Introductions! I be the captain of the beautiful vessel the Black Pearl. I also be the captain of this little island on the net of good secrets about the game can be found there. ---------------------------------------- Re: Introductions! If you ever want tips on Swordfighting just hunt me down and i'll play with you a bit. I be a crewless mate who wanders the seas with no aim or point whatsoever. I'm normally found haunting the docks and like answering questions or catching up on some drinkin' and fightin'. ---------------------------------------- Lallaria[size=10]Retired Re: Introductions! Ahoy, My name is Long John Grey, and I'm a pirate with both lots of silly ideas, and a desire to make the silly things work. And you can tell where I'm at with "/who longjohngrey", and it will either tell you which island I'm on, which ship I'm on, or that I'm not on. --Fizban tells you, "you are a copyright suit waiting to happen....lol" Re: Introductions! I'm not one of the best in the ocean, but if you're not asking me about the nav puzzle I'm competent to explain the basics at least. ---------------------------------------- "u devil in m y heart space" -- Minsiem Also not Erfan Re: Introductions! But I'm a friendly sort, and I like to joke around and I lubbbbbb to drink. Thus, I'm always willing to help ye with any questions ye may have.