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This is the onliest plugin you will ever need to troll / punish your users or friends!You have about ~50 commands, a Troll-GUI, statistics for your troll-behaviour and you can even change the language ingame!Various factors may be related to children behaving disrespectfully 1. This can particularly be the case with backchat or mumbled comments.Being frustrated by limitations and wanting to test limits. • Ignore minor disrespectful behaviour such as backchat or sulking.There you can see the collected information by the way.This plugin contains an auto-update feature, which checks if there is a new version of the plugin, and if positive it downloads it (from this site) and places it in your plugins folder.• Backchat is often associated with your little one’s resentment at being asked to do things she doesn’t want to do, or not getting her way.Minimise this frustration by using minimal, clear commands (avoid long lectures) and by offering choice.

Before taking your child to the naughty step, make sure you give one warning clearly stating why the behaviour is disrespectful and not acceptable.

For example, “I noticed you ignored the librarian when she asked you to stop talking. Either you can act more politely or we will have to leave story-time.” Children learn how to respond appropriately by watching and imitating those around them. The most effective way to get your child to act respectfully is to treat them with respect and also to let them see you act respectfully towards other people. • Let your child know exactly what behaviour is not acceptable by including statements about respectful behaviour in your house rules eg “No swearing”, “at dinner time, we sit nicely at the table”.

• Teach your child social manners by giving continual, gentle reminders about appropriate communication and behaviour.

If you don't want the plugin to automatically download the newest version, you can disable this feature in a config file, which is located in the Troll Boss folder. If you have ideas for new trolls feel free to leave a comment, I will try my best to add them if possible. So I will try to explain how to can give permissions. Then you simply add the permissions of the Troll plugin to any group you want.

The commands to give permissions can be seen on the Group Manager's Plugin site. I was loking for this plugin again but im not sure its the same because I dont see the /spank command where a target player would then loose 2 hearts and in red text on their chat bar it says "You have been spanked you naughty miner!