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In mid-2004, Selenium Remote Control (RC) was released as open source, and used a Comet technique in the browser to pick up requests from a commanding remote process (tests written in Java, Python, C# or Ruby).The browser would send the last result to a command, and pick up the next command in the same TCP/IP request.

The XMLHttp Request (XHR) object, the main tool used by Ajax applications for browser–server communication, can also be pressed into service for server–browser Comet messaging by generating a custom data format for an XHR response, and parsing out each event using browser-side Java Script; relying only on the browser firing the callback each time it receives new data.

encourages clients to be conservative when opening multiple connections".

Therefore, holding one connection open for real-time events has a negative impact on browser usability: the browser may be blocked from sending a new request while waiting for the results of a previous request, e.g., a series of images.

assented to coin as JSON following Crockford's suggestion.

The entire system, the client libraries, the messaging format known as JSON and the server, became the State Application Framework, parts of which were sold and used by Sun Microsystems, Amazon.com, EDS and Volkswagen.