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It was the Statue of Liberty, and they gave it to the United States of America. The first artificial Christmas Tree wasn’t a tree at all. The Candy Cane is one of the most familiar symbols of Christmas. The treat we see today, where the shape is Jesus’s hook to shepherd his lambs and the color and stripes hold significance for purity and Christ’s sacrifice, became common in the mid 1900s.[6] 8. Nicholas, who knew of their plight, put a sack of gold in each stocking and in the morning the girls awoke to discover they had dowry’s. An estimated 1 of 3 people worldwide celebrate Christmas, including 2.1 Billion Christians.
As for what you can expect in Apple’s new i OS update, there are literally thousands of new features, refinements, and behind-the-scenes tweaks.

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VST plugins generally come in two types, instruments (VSTi) that are designed to make sound and effects (VST) that are designed to process sound, although some can do both.FL Studio categorizes VST instruments as 'Generators' because some also generate control or note data, rather than audio.(I keep hoping latest Unity will do this automatically, but I’m a version behind at the moment). Unity itself doesn’t use Interfaces (though it really ought to!) – and you have to use a little ingenuity to use them yourself (Google it, it’s only a few small caveats).Hence, you can’t create per-context objects during callback, because the active context is not the one used during the vertex array object creation.An example of a low-level rendering plugin is on bitbucket: bitbucket.org/Unity-Technologies/graphicsdemos (Native Rendering Plugin folder).

Excited, you started writing the game you’ve always wanted to make.But C#-interfaces simply give you a compiler-compatible way of decoupling: you have to design your classes as decoupled to start with.Again, google this and ask around – it’s too big a topic for me to do justice to here! This is why The God Of Programming invented Libraries. There are two kinds of DLL’s: A DLL is a great way of packaging code – it’s a very widely-used standard.In order to do any rendering from the plugin, you should call GL. This will cause the provided native function to be called from the render thread. Issue Plugin Event from the camera’s On Post Render function, you get a plugin callback immediately after the camera has finished rendering.Signature for the // Plugin function to handle a specific rendering event static void UNITY_INTERFACE_API On Render Event(int event ID) // Freely defined function to pass a callback to plugin-specific scripts extern "C" Unity Rendering Event UNITY_INTERFACE_EXPORT UNITY_INTERFACE_API Get Render Event Func() #if UNITY_IPHONE && !So, Unity uses DLL’s for this (good move) – but if you google “Unity make DLL” you’ll get distracted by the huge complexity and depth of C /Unity integration, and you don’t need any of it.