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Todd, a regular who always bankrolls my night, comes into the room and I wrap up the conversation and start stripping, glad that the show will be over soon.

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Instead, Carr sought out Kerouac, who with the aid of Herbert Huncke protégé Abe Green, helped him dispose of the knife and some of Kammerer's belongings before the two went to a movie and the Museum of Modern Art to look at paintings.Finally, Carr went to his mother’s house and then to the office of the New York District Attorney, where he confessed.Kerouac (who was identified in The New York Times coverage of the crime as a "23-year-old seaman") was arrested as a material witness, as was Burroughs.Burroughs' father posted bail, but in a famous Beat side-story, Kerouac’s father refused to post the hundred-dollar bond to bail him out.On one occasion he may even have brought Kammerer to a session of Trilling’s class.

Burroughs flushed the cigarettes down the toilet, and told Carr to get a lawyer and turn himself in.

In the end, Edie Parker’s parents agreed to post the money if Kerouac would marry their daughter.

With detectives serving as witnesses, Edie and Jack were married at the Municipal Building, Carr was charged with second-degree murder.

On one occasion, asked why he was carrying a jar of jam across the campus, Carr simply explained that he was “going on a date.” Returning to his dorm in the early hours another morning to find that his bed had been short-sheeted, Carr retaliated by spraying the rooms of his dorm-mates with the hallway fire-hose – while they were still sleeping.

For ten months, Kammerer remained a fringe member of this simmering crowd, still utterly infatuated with Carr, who sometimes avoided him and on other occasions indulged Kammerer’s attentions.