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As the business adapts to an increasingly mobile culture, more and more people are accessing dating services through smartphone apps, some of which allow users to appraise potential dates instantly and to accept or reject them with the swipe of a phone screen.

One in 10 American adults has tried online dating, and nearly 60 percent of Internet users say it is a good way to meet people.

A medium-sized version exists in bronze, with a height of 69 centimetres (e.g.

La mante prêcheuse in the Von-der-Heydt Museum in Wuppertal) as well as a ‘large’ version, also in bronze, which is 130 centimetres high and was moulded in 1951 (such as the example in the Berardo Collection, one of eleven copies, or that in the Antwerp Sculpture Museum).

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, one of Germaine Richier’s most celebrated sculptures, both for its theme as well as its technique, was created in 1946.Excellent service, programs that work, pricing that makes sense, and delivering our customers the most bang for their time, trust, and money. You'll pick it up the instant you see it, read it, or hear it - not weeks later after thinking about it a lot.We don't give you complicated methods or complex processes to follow because you won't need them.This insect, a motif in the artist’s work, also provided the title for Arnaud Spire's article ' Germaine Richier ou la stratégie de la mante réligieuse' [Germaine Richier or the strategy of the praying mantis] which appeared in on .Germaine Richier uses an expressionist technique to represent this insect, a frightening and aggressive creature, in a human pose.Manon Azem is a true diamond which everyone needs to keep an eye on, and Fred Testot is pretty convincing when he's not trying to make us laugh.