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Mozart's Residence contains many interesting artifacts related to his life and times, and was where the composer entertained Europe's musical elite and wrote many of his symphonies.

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A battery is made up of a positive electrode (cathode), negative electrode (anode), and an electrolyte to allow the flow of electrical charge between the two electrodes.

In a conventional lithium-ion battery cell, the negative electrode is usually made from carbon. Off-Grid Energy is a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer, and is committed to industry best practice through the Solar Retailer Code of Conduct.

This is some reliable solar power, and we rarely have to run the generator as back up. I didn't take a picture of the battery bank, but those are substantial and high quality.

The heating system in our home is a combination of propane gas and (soon) wood-burning stove.

And just because a person lives off the grid does NOT mean they don't have running water, or power, or never blow dry their hair.

Off-gridders can run a clothes dryer if they want to, and yes, they can have running water. Now, there are different levels of living off the grid.

They do things like haul water from a nearby spring, use wood-fired stoves to cook, and use different kinds of facilities for sewage. You see, the fact of the matter is, I have grown rather fond of being able to blow dry my hair, have power at night, and enjoy running water. There are a lot of ways to live off the grid, and I'm not sure there is an actual clear definition.

Being off the grid was something we had to give some thought to, and be sure we understood before jumping in.

We have always relied upon city water, city electricity, city gas, basically city everything (like most of us in these modern days) for over 50 years (106 between us! Especially since the solar system we inherited was quite old and definitely not in the best shape.

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