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So we’ve lasted nearly 10 years – that’s not bad by Hollywood standards! In the Oscar-winning The Last King of Scotland (2006) she played the wife of Idi Amin. 'At lots of different times in my career I’ve thought about walking away and doing something else.’ She laughs.She also starred in David Mamet’s play Race, and in Tyler Perry’s film For Colored Girls (2010). Teaching has always interested me, and social work. ‘Like at least once a year.' She certainly has a passion for politics.The person in charge of story is in charge.’ When Rhimes met Judy Smith she knew instantly that she would build a show around her. Do we, as a society, have the capacity to say that our heroes can, and should, look like more than one thing?And the programme’s success owes a lot to Washington’s portrayal of the Smith character as a steely and unflappable adviser, with a true moral compass. Would it succeed or would it confirm the industry’s assumption that audiences just won’t show up to see a black female lead? 'Do we have room in our hearts to know that the protagonist should be diverse, with regard to race, religion or sexual orientation or gender? ‘So I’m really proud that we’re in a second season.The good news is that the second season is soon to start filming. It means that, as a country, we’re no longer thinking in a narrow way.’ Django Unchained opens on 18 January.Follow Telegraph Film on Twitter The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.The director has one agenda, the producers have another, the lead actor has another and so the story can get muddied.

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It’s a groundbreaking role – Scandal is the first prime-time television series in America to feature an African-American actress in the lead role for more than 30 years.But her personal experience of race has been blessedly untraumatic. It’s very different to the South.’ She graduated from George Washington University with an interdisciplinary degree. Obama’s victory was a particularly proud moment for Washington because she has been campaigning for him since 2008.‘No one called me the N-word growing up,’ she says. ‘It was sociology, psychology, anthropology, dramatic literature. She serves on his Committee on the Arts and Humanities, helping schools in Washington DC expand their artistic programmes.It’s live, the guests are authors, activists, politicians and journalists, and the debate frequently becomes heated. ‘Because, frankly, a lot of celebrities are terrified.They’re afraid they’ll look stupid.’ Not Washington. ‘I enjoy being of service and participating in our democracy, but the election process, having to appeal to many people? 'Even being an actor, I didn’t choose it to be popular.She stood her ground in a clash with the conservative CNN anchor Will Cain. When I thought that acting was about being on magazine covers, I thought it wasn’t for me.