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This building also served as a permanent place of solitary confinement. Although not a building, there is also an outdoor Recreational Area where inmates played baseball, boxing, basketball, handball, tennis, horseshoes and football. The most distinguishable feature to the capitol building is the dome.
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Now they’re suing to get their money back, claiming that the Realtor knew that the home was infected with the mold of doom. It turns out that the note writer, rather than being evil, is actually something of a hero: And what about the man who left them the note in the secret room behind the bookshelf? There is no indication the previous owner was aware of any mold. But George Leventis knew the home someday could be re-sold, and he wanted to be sure the future owners knew about the mold.Leventis said what better way to warn them than to leave a note hidden from plain view.Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, in his Friday letter to the Secret Service.

They are worried that she will be transferred to another division of the Homeland Security Department and allowed to serve out her time until she can retire with a pension as the agency has done with other officials in the public crosshairs.One that actually made my children very sick to the point that we had to move out,” Kerri Brown read from the letter.According to the note, there was so much mold, it made the last family who lived there sick, and they were forced to move out.The Secret Service knew about O'Grady's Facebook comments in October when a whistleblower contacted the agency to notify it, sources told the .But the agency did not launch an investigation until the Examiner reported on the controversial Facebook comments.The Browns later learned the home contained the worst types of mold including Stachybotrys, the so-called Toxic Black Mold. “I didn’t mean it to scare the Browns, which I think it did when they first read it,” Leventis said. “It was to the point where my youngest was so sick, she was unable to hold any nutrition, nothing was working, she couldn’t breathe.” The Leventises did the only thing they believed they could do, with no money in savings to have the mold removed.