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Keep windows from validating word

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If Microsoft Office detects a problem with the file you will see the following message: You may receive such messages if the files contain macros, data connections, Active X controls or even malware – and File Validation / Trust Center is detecting a problem with the file.

It could be a malicious file or for a damaged file.

This is not always desired (for more complicated data, it will probably be much easier to take a look, correct that one typo and continue with the rest of the form), so my preference is actually to mark the field so that the user knows which field needs to be corrected, and have the validation script not report a validation error back to the field: Using this method has implications on the form submission process: The form no longer can verify that the data is correct, so the submission function needs to do another round of validation to see if any of the required fields are not correct (one way to do that is to test all relevant fields to see if the text color is using the error color, or we can use global variables to store the validation state).

After the validating event returns without being cancelled, meaning we have valid user input, then the validated event will be raised.

In this case, we simply clear any error messages in the error provider.

When you go on to open a Microsoft Office file, you may have noticed that it is opened in Protected View.

When files are opened in Protected View, you can read them, with minimal risks to your Windows computer.