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I didn't have my Daddy figure around so I called Walt 'Uncle Walt.' He took me and my family under his wing, every weekend flying us in his plane to Santa Barbara or to his home in Palm Springs.” Following the auspicious debut, Dotrice was cast in the role of Jane Banks in the 1964 Disney feature film adaptation of the “Mary Poppins” children book series by P. Starring Julia Andrews, “Mary Poppins” was a huge success and won five out of thirteen Oscar nominations.

Her roles included Lily in several episodes of the hit series “Upstairs, Downstairs” (1975) and Maria Beadnell in the miniseries “Dickens of London” (1976), which starred her father Roy Dotrice.The next year, Dotrice portrayed Princess Ozyliza in the BBC film “The Princess and the Hedgehog” (1977) and appeared with Ann-Margret in “Joseph Andrews” (also 1977), a German television movie adapted from a Henry Fielding novel.In 1978, Dotrice made a comeback on the silver screen when she was cast as Alex Mackenzie in the thriller “The Thirty-Nine Steps,” alongside Robert Powell and John Mills.Her parents were both accomplished stage performers. Karen has two sisters, Michele and Yvette Dotrice, both of whom are actresses.She was the goddaughter of actor Charles Laughton (born in 1899, died in 1962).Her third film, “The Gnome-Mobile” (1967), however was less successful and Dotrice did not make another film appearance as a child.