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If you want to make the exact same blanket that I did, you will want to make 5 squares of each color, 20 squares total.

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In the weeks following the meeting, it became clear that several of the provinces were beginning to rethink their positions on key features of the agreement, particularly the distinct society clause and limitations on the federal spending power.These concerns were raised at a subsequent meeting of the First Ministers, held on June 2 and 3, 1987, at the Langevin Block - the Prime Minister's Office, in Ottawa.Abstract: The Meech Lake Accord is a set of failed constitutional amendments that was designed to bring Quebec "back into the Constitution" by meeting the conditions laid out by Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa, under which Quebec would sign the Constitution Act, 1982.It was the first attempt to amend the Constitution under the new rules for constitutional change set out in the Constitution Act, 1982.Despite efforts to reach a consensus, the constitutional agreement unravels, as Manitoba and Newfound fail to ratify the Meech Lake Accord before the June 23, 1990 deadline.Canada's First Ministers seek a symbolic way to bring Quebec "back into the constitutional family." The roots of the 1987 Constitutional Accord can be found in previous efforts at constitutional renewal that culminated in the patriation or "bringing home" of the Canadian Constitution in 1982.

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Following its election, the Parti Qubcois government, helmed by leader Ren Lvesque, announced the first phase of its sovereignty platform.In June 1985, Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa laid down the five basic constitutional demands that would need to be met in order for Quebec to sign the Constitution Act, 1982: At an annual Conference of Canada's Premiers, held in Edmonton, in August 1986, the Premiers issued a statement that the next series of constitutional discussions would constitute 'the Quebec round,' and would focus on meeting Quebec's five conditions.The 'Edmonton Declaration' stated that "the top constitutional priority is to embark immediately upon a federal/provincial process, using Quebec's five proposals as a basis for discussion, to bring about Quebec's full and active participation in the Canadian federation." Other issues, such as Aboriginal self-government and Senate reform, would be left for future constitutional negotiations.In addition to failing to meet Quebec's demands for greater provincial autonomy, the constitution package also failed to grant Quebec a veto over future constitutional amendments, a tenet that had been included in previous (failed) constitutional reform packages, such as the 1971 Victoria Charter.Quebec, ultimately, would be the only province not to sign the new constitutional agreement, officially called the Canada Act, 1982.Between 19, furthermore, Quebec made blanket use of the notwithstanding clause, passing legislation to protect past, present, and future provincial laws from Charter obligations.