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Many people do it the complicated way:setcookie('name', 'content', time()-3600); But why do you make it so complicated and risk it not working, when the client's time is wrong?Why fiddle around with time(); Here's the easiest way to unset a cookie:setcookie('name', 'content', 1); Thats it.instead for localhost you should use make your code work on both localhost and a proper domain, you can do this: Note when setting "array cookies" that a separate cookie is set for each element of the array.

Also, if the time is incorrect on your server, IE7 will also disallow those cookies from being set.What happens is that the browser, when closes the window, if it is a well behaved browser, will delete the cookie from the cookie store.However, the cookie will survive in the server until the garbage collector removes the session, which will happen only when it kicks in and checks the specified session is out of bounds of the setting stated in: Please check also: And in case of doubt, PHP runs on the webserver and has no way whatsoever to interact with a browser apart from receiving requests and answering with responses, so assuming that a cookie will be removed from a browser is just an "hint" for the browser.There are several tactics for dealing with non-compete agreements including ignoring the agreement and hoping for the best, negotiating with the employer, and attacking the validity of the agreement in the courts.This article by TELG principal Tom Harrington and TELG managing principal R.Using array names was impractical and problematic, so I implemented a splitting routine.