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Many LDS online daters are just trying to blend in and get as many messages as possible, but remember that you are here only for that one special priesthood holder or worthy sister: You are not on True LDS to be liked by everyone. If you like to read, mention your favourite authors and books.Your profile should give other LDS singles on True LDS a glimpse of what you are about, whether or not you fit into their lives. If you like to cook, mention some of your specialty dishes. Avoid clichés such as I love to sit in front of the fireplace, walk hand in hand on the beach, or I love the outdoors.Don’t narrow the ‘whom I’d like to meet’ section down so much that your dream LDS date passes by you.Most LDS singles on True LDS like going to church and know that the church is true, have a testimony of the restoration, and know that the Book of Mormon is true.

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You could mention that keeping fit is important to you and that you are looking for LDS singles that take their health seriously.You should be extremely careful with mentioning what you don’t want in a potential LDS online date, as it can offend or alienate others.Your LDS online dating profile should show whom you are looking for, but while also being open to meeting new LDS singles.The bottom line is your Mormon match is looking for you.Make sure that single Mormons interested in you can find you by showing who you are through what you write and show. Too often, our LDS singles upload photos that have other people in them as well.Things that cover your face such as hats, caps and sunglasses are also a bad idea. Other LDS singles on True LDS, have to make a quick judgement on whether to approach you or not when glancing over your profile.