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Interethnic and interracial dating in college a longitudinal study true life online dating

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Groups that are more homogeneous in terms of racial-ethnic background (or age, sex, social class, or religious beliefs) exert a particularly strong influence because people with similar backgrounds and experiences are more likely to share similar attitudes and ideas.

When people who share similar attitudes and ideas are isolated from other groups with different views and attitudes , this isolation may serve to strengthen the belief that the group’s views are “right,” thus leading to greater perceptions of ethnic discrimination if these perceptions are viewed as normative within the group (see chapter 10).

Such ethnic segregation—the tendency for ethnic groups to be socially distanced from one another on campus —is a growing concern on many college campuses (Mc Dermott 2002).

Prior work on contact theory has emphasized the importance of favorable conditions of contact for creating positive change in intergroup attitudes.

Despite good-faith efforts at promoting positive campus racial climates, many colleges and universities are still struggling to establish and maintain institutional norms of intergroup acceptance , and UCLA is no different.

We speculate that one mechanism responsible for the development of negative perceptions of the campus climate The Diversity Challenge 186 may be the socialization process that students are exposed to when they have more friends of their own ethnic group.

Peer socialization studies indicate that students are likely to modify their attitudes and behaviors to be consistent with those of the groups to which they belong (Feldman and Newcomb 1969).