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When a man kisses me and there is mutual surrender of our lips he could kiss me right out of my panties, if I wore panties.

When a man puckers his lips and kisses me that way it’s a hard kiss, not a soft kiss.

Intimacy is a concept that all women understand and most men don’t.

My website and my blogs are full of information about building intimacy and that’s all I’m going to say about that today.

May 10, 2017Finding a man with whom you share mutual sexual chemistry is critical in the Hotwife Alternative Marriage Lifestyle, regardless of your Hotwife Rules of Engagement which is supposed to be your roadmap of how to conduct the personal sex life part of your marriage, which is to say the part of your sex life with which your husband has given you complete autonomy to conduct any way you see fit to conduct it.

If he has not given you complete autonomy over the dating process then you have agreed to do this for the wrong reason and you are both going to be disappointed with the results you get.

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Our standard question to each other about men is “What’s he got? I’m not sure if that’s the right word but he relaxes his lips when they touch mine. It has nothing to do with kiss pressure or lip force or anything else.If this is your situation, you need to go on strike. ”Men write to me every week telling me they have this fantasy and they want to make it a reality, but more than half the time I have to tell these men, it’s not going to happen because they want all the control and usually it’s because they don’t trust you, or they want to start at Step Ten instead of Step One.I recently had a serious conversation with my husband about my message here.It’s a totally different message to a woman’s emotions.A hard kiss has an element of control to it at least in my blonde brain.Webcam and telephone chat for a complete hot wife experience.