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We hadn't discussed the question of whether we were dating other people, but because he seemed into me, I assumed he wasn't. After about a month, I had a rude awakening: He casually mentioned that he was dating two other women at the same time. I'm just advising you to be skeptical until you have some serious reason to believe he's treating you in a manner that is unusual FOR HIM — rather than treating you in a manner that seems unusual IN GENERAL but is actually his typical M.

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Kyle understands this, but, on principle and out of pity, cannot bring himself to delete Kip to please others.

Desperate to stem the loss of friends, he asks Cartman for advice.

Meanwhile, Kyle starts trying to find ways to get more friends on Facebook after he drastically starts losing them due to his befriending of a third-grade friendless Facebook user, whom everyone considers a loser.

The episode was written and directed by co-creator Trey Parker and was rated TV-MA L in the United States.

This made it the second most viewed cable show of the night after In Plain Sight and attracting more viewers than the previous episode, "Medicinal Fried Chicken".

The episode also received an 18–49 rating of 1.7 and a share of 5% edging out Tyler Perry's House of Payne for the cable lead in the demographic.

The question is, does it become an instant classic?"You Have 0 Friends" was written and directed by co-series creator Trey Parker.Trey Parker came up with the episode after signing up for Facebook and actually being sucked into it until people were angry that he did not respond to anyone on Facebook.Instead of deleting his account, Stan is forcibly transported by the software into the virtual world of Facebook, where he meets "profiles" of everyone he knows who communicate in Facebook lingo, and is forced to engage in Facebook activities such as Yahtzee.Unexpectedly winning on the first roll, Stan escapes and finds his way to Kyle's Farm Town farm, blaming Kyle for getting him "sucked into Facebook" in the first place.Meanwhile, Kyle adds shy nerdy student Kip Drordy (anagram: Dorky Drip) to his thriving friends list out of pity.