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Gridview rowupdating objectdatasource

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Introduction Step 1: Updating a Product's Product Name and Unit Price Fields Improving the Unit Price Formatting Step 2: Prohibiting NULL Unit Prices Step 3: Providing an Interface to Add New Products Step 4: Assigning Values to the Category ID and Supplier ID Parameters Conclusion When using the built-in inserting, editing, or deleting features of the Grid View, Details View, or Form View controls, a variety of steps transpire when the end user completes the process of adding a new record or updating or deleting an existing record.As we discussed in the previous tutorial, when a row is edited in the Grid View the Edit button is replaced by Update and Cancel buttons and the Bound Fields turn into Text Boxes.If not, it returns false, indicating that the request to update the product information failed.Otherwise, it updates the Product Name and Unit Price fields of the existing product record accordingly and commits the update by calling the Update() method of the Table Adapter, passing in the Products Row instance.After the method of the underlying object of the Object Data Source has completed executing, the Updated event of the Object Data Source is raised.An event handler for the Updated event can inspect the details about the update operation, such as how many rows were affected and whether or not an exception occurred.Create a new Object Data Source and configure it to use the Products BLL class, with its Select() method mapping to Get Products and its Update() method mapping to the Update Product overload that takes in only the product Name, unit Price, and product ID input parameters.Figure 2 shows the Create Data Source wizard when mapping the Update() method of the Object Data Source to the new Update Product method overload of the Products BLL class. Map the Object Data Source's Update() method to the new Update Product overload.

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(Click on the picture for a larger image.) After completing this wizard, check the Enable Editing check box from the Grid View's smart tag.

We can, at this point, cancel the update request if there is some validation error.

When the Update() method is invoked, the Updating event of the Object Data Source fires, providing an opportunity to add or customize the values of any of the Update Parameters.

If we were to remove a field from the Grid View—say, Quantity Per Unit—when updating the data, the data Web control would not set the Object Data Source's Quantity Per Unit Update Parameters value.

The Object Data Source would then pass in a NULL value into the Update Product method of the Business-Logic Layer (BLL), which would change the edited database record's Quantity Per Unit column to a NULL value.