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He continues with The Telephone (seemingly wired to your teenager's nervous system); The Mall, and how to escort your daughter to it without revealing that she has parents; Braces, the costliest metal on earth; Parties; and, of course, Dating, featuring the eight simple rules.

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The second season of George Lopez originally aired Wednesdays at – pm (EST) on ABC.

Season 2 of George Lopez was released on DVD along with Season 1 by Warner Home Video.

Finally, Carmen sadly ends the relationship with Duncan, not because of her father, but because Duncan tries to pressure her into having sex too soon.

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He must choose either his acerbic line-inspector mother, Benny (Belita Moreno), or his best friend Ernie.

Meanwhile, the Powers brothers want George to fire Reggie. When Max's baseball coach asks George to have Max sit out the next game because he does not think Max is good enough for the team, George tries to help Max get better at baseball, but fails to as he is no better at baseball either. Needles get hold of George's autographed baseball and he chews it up.

George gets really mad at Max for this, but Angie tells him he is being too hard on Max.

George continues the search for his father, as well.

After George's warning about how boys are evil, when Carmen comes home with a hickey given to her by her boyfriend, Angie and George go after him.