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Gentoo config files in etc need updating

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Well I head to the /etc/file and edit that thing to my liking and double checking things over. You can edit the file by doing and when the box pops up, enter your password, wait a bit and a new window will come up.In that window you are root to everything and can edit anything. If you need help figuring out what options are available in the then refer to the Gentoo Handbook and Wiki often.

First let me say that there is a several ways to doing things on SL.

It's time to run: It will find more packages to recompile!

Your processor is probably plotting some sort of revenge against you at this time. Well, you are gonna have some config files that are screaming for an update.

Once a package fails I simply: YAY more packages to compile! So we wait for that to finish and I usually fix the errors as it goes along since it isn't very many packages.

Now we have the entire system rebuilt, well almost.