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OK, we’re calling BS on the lovey-dovey commercials that pop up for dating services like
They might call —the bad guys—to tell them I was there asking questions.

Fun dating ideas for married couples

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Make it a competition to see who snag the coolest stuff for the lowest price.Turn your dining room into a vineyard's tasting room with tasty finger foods and vino from your wine rack.Comment on the tannins and oaky flavor of each glass (even if you have no idea what those words mean) and celebrate the "bottomless" nature of your at-home tasting.

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Or wanted to see what a crazy floral arrangement would do to liven up the space?

If you want to make an entire night of it, bring a picnic and dine by the sunset. Instead of spending tons of money at the movie theater, stay home and watch one of your favorite films together. You'd be surprised how much you can learn about someone from their movie selection. Watch a marathon of your favorite TV show or one that you've missed but always wanted to catch up on (Many beaches and lakes are free to visit, which makes them an ideal spot for a romantic rendezvous.

You can take a long walk along the shore, have a stone-skipping contest, or simply gaze at the waves while you get to know each other better. Whether it's playing catch with a Frisbee, kicking the hacky sack, or shooting some hoops, you're sure to have some fun.

Even if you know the destinations, watching your date discover them is the best part.

How many times can you go out to dinner and a movie?