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___________ Back in high school, if you had asked me if I was a procrastinator, I would have said yes.High school students are given all these lectures about “pacing yourself” on longer projects, and I proudly paced myself less than almost anyone I knew.Tutoring was going well, referrals were increasing, and while the RDM would insist that we were already working with too many students, the monkey would accept every new job that came our way.Soon, the monkey started thinking bigger, and without running it by the rest of us, he began hiring my friends to tutor for me.The more the Panic Monster slept, the more confidence the monkey gained.The Rational Decision-Maker, the only member of the brain who sees the world clearly, was concerned—he knew that college assignments were a lot bigger than high school assignments, and that pacing was no longer something to scoff at, but a critical thing to do.He’d put his foot down about social commitments when a deadline began to draw closer, but that wouldn’t solve the problem.

With deadlines looming constantly, my Panic Monster2 was never fully asleep, and the monkey knew that while he could have some time at the wheel each day, he wasn’t the one in charge.I decided to dive in, and building off of what I had started, we founded a new tutoring company together.The RDM still wrestled with the decision to put a pause on the music side of things, but the company was growing quickly, being in business with Andrew was a great time—like playing a complex strategy game with your friend—and the RDM finally started to feel okay about becoming totally wrapped up in business.When college ended, thrilled to be done forever with formal education, which was clearly not my thing, I burst out into the world with 1,000 ambitions to do 1,000 things. I had everything imaginable to offer except knowledge, skills, and work ethic.My RDM had done a lot of thinking about this, and he understood that the monkey had spent college trying to tell him something important—I wanted to be a to do each day.I was doing a lot of things and not giving my all to any of them.