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Remember, if you took drivers ed you could drive at 17 rather than 18.I remember right after I got my license I got a used Rambler Classic (with push button transmission) for a couple of hundred bucks (boy, do I wish that I kept that car) and got a job as a delivery boy working for Chickens Delight on Central Avenue.Just a brief note that might interest some of my old classmates. If anyone wants to see my theater resume they can visit click on search and just put Feldman in the last name box. When I was at Far Rockaway High I was called Billy. I served as an Air Force officer overseas in the 1970's. Thanks to my 4 years of 'tough' Spanish at Far Rock, I am still fluent and lecture in Mexico and S. To think that when we attended it was one of the best high schools in the city.I finally bit the bullet about 3 years ago and became a professional actor. I have attached a recent picture to post on the site. Mark Feldman ('65) Fink, William - [email protected] Godfrey, IL My students found this web site and told me about it. Flaxman, Ronald - [email protected] Succasunna , NJ The air was salty and honeysuckle sweet. I have been married for 30 years, and have three girls! Anyone I meet who had lived in the Rockaways remembers it with great love and affection. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the memories. Hopenwasser, Fran (Teglbjaerg) - [email protected]– Copenhagen, Denmark I've lived outside the USA since 1971 and have only now discovered this wonderful website in connection with my first ever reunion with the class of '65.I haven't been in touch with anyone from FRHS, except Elise Cooper (Lee). People evinced passion, humor, kindness and cruelty. I can chat on Skype or Facetime Jalazo, Richard - [email protected] - Palm Harbor, FL Should have graduated in 65, went to war instead, returned, finished school, went on to graduate college. These days, I'm busy babysitting my grandchildren and enjoying every minute of it. I would like to thank you for this wonderful sight. I grew up in Bayswater went to l04, l98 and Far Rock (class of 65).

As much as my wife Ellen and I try to explain it to our children and grandchildren, we can only scratch the surface.I don't know if you know her, but, you graduated with my sister-in-law, Holly Dick. Holly married my brother, Jeff Bergman, who graduated in 1961. If you have any photos on CD-ROM, you can do the same. I have been living in Florida for a little over 5 years now. Disaster Relief Command, and have received the President of The U. My older brother Jack, graduated in 1960, and my younger brother graduated in 1970.Hopefully, I can convince them all to come to the reunion. If not, mail them to me and I'll be sure to return them to you. I have two granddaughters who live in Deer Park, so I get up to NY as often as I can. Jack had been an assistant football coach and all of us played the sport under Kershman and Jake Miller.One day, when I was delivering chicken, I got stopped for speeding on Seagirt Blvd (we had an unwritten Domino's Pizza 30 minute delivery policy).When the policeman saw that I was working for Chicken Delight, he did not give me a ticket.I can still remember my old phone number LA 8-0327. For more about the "business" me and my company, you can see it on our home page at brother and his wife are also Far Rockaway graduates.